ambrosia elixirs consulting services

We have created a team of highly qualified individuals to bring you the ultimate spiritual healing cafe, elixirs and herbal bar consulting knowledge.  We believe in the importance of sustainable practices from seed to creation, bringing pure ethical traditions to our customers to enhance the healing and growth of the human mind/body/spirit complex.

All with an abundant experience in the hospitality business and background in the fields of herbalism, holistic medicine, healing potion making and spiritual design are ready to create an unique experience for your clientele needs. We will bring your visions to life in a cohesive and spiritual manner that includes ancient and ancestral traditions from around the world in the pursue of honoring what has been thought generations before us.

Our services include but are not limited to;

– Elixir Menus
– Holistic food cafe Menu and experience
– Raw and vegan super bites
– Medicinal Herbal Cafe
– Spiritual and conscious interior environment design 
– Professional Staffing 
– Vendor and farm relationships 
– Herbal and Elixir making Training 

We  partner up with local organic vendors and make sure to respect traditional rituals in the making of any of our formulas and imaginations.

FoR inquiries, fill out the form below, or call us at +1 347-678-9622, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We provide services globally and are willing to travel for any venture that suits our vision.

please provide us with your name, the name of your business, your contact informAtion, And a description of your event or the services ambrosia can provide to help you realize your ideas.

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