Planetary Retrogrades 2019

A Break Down.

Hello friends all around the world. I wish that the Summer Retrograde & Eclipse Season finds you grounded and strong. 

Currently Happening 

*Mercury Retrograde in Leo, Mercury will move in Cancer on July 19th (July 8th -August 1st) 

Leo represents the Fire of the heart, Cancer represents the primordial Mother water/emotions. In this transition we might experience a shift from fiery passion and dominance to tender love and care. Emotions might be hard to handle and the Mother/Child wound will re-emerge. 

On its shadow side Mercury retrograde on these aspects can cause confusion and miscommunication in our relationships in a sense that “everyone is right but no one feels heard”. Just observe how that plays in your relationships without being consumed by the Leo-Ego fire. Don’t burn everything on your passing just to be right! Old romantic passions might re-emerge, just remember why it didn’t work in the first place. 

Jupiter is Retrograde in Sagittarius 
(April 10th-August 11th) 

Jupiter is the Emperor (Sun is the King) 

So Jupiter is about expansion, philosophy, travel, projects, politics and rulership. Jupiter in its own domain-Sagittarius retrograde for quite sometime is inviting us to stay put for awhile. Is our system personal and collective working for us? Is my country of residence, the City, my community, my way of life still working for me? 

If not this is not the case anymore then in this retrograde we’ll have the opportunity to see exactly why things are not working anymore and hopefully reflect on how to improve/change them. Sagittarius is about goals, in retrograde is about holding back and contemplating before aiming and shooting to the future. Cultivating patience. 

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn
(April 29th -September 18th) 

I have to confess that i am a bit out of words here, in front of the power of Saturn. In many culture’s classical astrology, Saturn is considered to be the great malefic but let’s break it down here. Saturn is Kronos (Χρονος)-Time, the hard lessons of life, the ones we don’t learn unless we experience them. Kronos is the ancient Time, passing undisturbed, unavoidable and all powerful. Some philosophers and thinkers say that time doesn’t exist and I agree with them! But time does exist in relation to matter-that is why i feel time in my body, skin and physical structure! Very similar to death, Saturn does its work. Just to sum it up I would refer to a Greek ancient text (ironically I don’t remember which one it is that stated that “The children of Saturn know these truths (the vanity of time) therefore they are dancing and celebrating all the time”-as so not to miss any valuable time from life!”

In this Saturn retrograde in its own house-Capricorn, we might experience the fragility of our health particularly bones  and structure, memories, material objects, life plans and dreams. Nothing remains untouched by the passing of Saturn. 

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 
(April 24th- October 3rd) 

Pluto is a name of Greek origin and means material Wealth. Pluto takes over after Saturn/Time has done its work. So Pluto is traditionally ruling the underworld. (Similar in Hindu culture the Lord of the underworld guards the riches of this world).  Pluto is timeless and therefore the gradian of Wealth. In the human system/culture usually Wealth comes inherited, passed from our ancestors (the dead) to us (the living). This is the nature of the cycle of life. This is applicable especially on land and precious objects that are passed through generations and lifetimes. The Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is again about inheritance both physical such as objects but it includes what we physically inherit via our DNA. For example our personality, illnesses, habits and our “Skeletons in the Closet” so to speak are gifts of Pluto. What have you inherited and how does that Consciousness plays a role in your life? 

Chiron Retrograde in Aries 
(July 8th-December 12th)

I did write a lot about Chiron in past articles but just to recap, Chiron is the mythical Centaur-half human and half horse and he was a great healer and herbalist. Chiron retrograde in Aries is teaching us how to heal our childhood traumas. A lot that has been laying dormant in our memory (Time) can be revealed in this retrograde-to be seen, faced and healed. 

My suggestion is: ask for professional help and trustworthy support! This can be extremely painful but we have the opportunity to heal it and move forward. Use the right available tools! 

More soon about the Upcoming Retrogrades and about the Eclipse this coming Full Moon-Tuesday July 16th. 

What do i suggest over all? 

Find like-minded people, groups and community! you will see that there is always people that truly love you and want to support you! 

Thank you.

To All My Relations.

Sylvia-Anais 🦋
Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou 
MA in Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy
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