Ambrosia Elixirs’ intention has been to offer the Bushwick community a home for balance. We aspire to meet the needs of our customers on their own terms whether that by serving as their daily haunt, a refuge outside the home, or as an initiatory experience into the world of herbs. Ambrosia aims to provide not only the highest quality fare in both victuals and libations, but in vibrations. Food for the stomach, food for the heart.  Bushwick location will reopen in May 2019

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Ambrosia Elixirs @ Loom Yoga

783 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

Ambrosia Elixirs will be opening a botanical cafe and apothecary bar on the corner of S 4th and Driggs, offering vegetarian and vegan, crafted food, botanical elixirs, herbal ice creams and apothecary shop, introducing herbal products and offerings for home use.

This is a very exciting time for Ambrosia and we are very happy and humbled to be opening this space, none of which would be possible without the continued and committed support of our community.


Ambrosia Elixirs Lounge / Energi

815 Broadway New York, NY 10003

Ambrosia Elixirs will be opening it’s Union Square location at Energi in May 2019 along with a full lounge and events programming schedule. The menu will offer elixirs, tea lattes, small bites, additional drinks, and eventually our own product line.

The three floor building is location on one of the highest traffic streets in Manhattan and offers a clear window view into the Ambrosia lounge to passerbyers on the sidewalk.  The loung will be full of life and allow customers to interact with various plants while being education by our staff surrounded by textures and sounds that compliment the brand.

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