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Sacred Song Circle

  • Ambrosia Elixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Welcome to the circle! This is a place to be here, this is the time to be now. We are going to sing healing songs from traditions around the world to connect to our ancestors, to the Divine Mother and Father, to the elements, to the Plants, to the Medicines, to the Community, and to our own Hearts.

Together we are going to create a space in which individual “self” dissolves in the choir of souls, a space for a deeper understanding that we are all interdependent, finding empowerment through unity.

Voice is a unique instrument given to us by Nature, so by using it we awaken the Natural forces within. When we sing through the heart, we invite our Higher Self, because it is the nature of the Heart. Each song contains its own intention, or vibration, that we fill the space with. We are sending vibrations out into the world every day, and perceiving the effects of these vibrations through our senses. Thus, by changing our vibrations, we can change our reality.