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Journey Inside: Elixirs and Vibrational Sound Healing

  • Ambrosia Elixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn United States (map)

Join our community gathering and sit with Tepahteh Hutze in his Healing Drum Circle on June 28.

We are collaborating with Ambrosia Elixirs ( to create this exceptional nourishing experience for anyone who wishes to Journey Inside of themselves and reconnect with ancient ways of life.

Ambrosia’s hand-crafted botanical elixirs are prepared with deep passion and respect for the natural remedies of the Earth to uplift your Spirit, revitalize your body and balance your mind. Among many you will find blends that will warmly open your heart and increase your creativity.

Tepahteh’s Healing Drum will guide you to reconnect with your own Vibration. The songs of curandero will encourage you to freely express your Spirit. With a help of rebalancing beat of a drum you will not only find your inner Healing Song but also align with the pulse of Mother Earth and Universe.

Tickets $30
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About: TEPAHTEH’s wide-ranging medical education encompasses varied approaches to healing. Primarily, he learned Native Medicine and Astronomy at Calmecal (Indigenous University & Monastery), he continued his studies in Forensic Medicine and eventually acquired his diploma as a Doctor of Holistic Medicine. Combining all his knowledge and expertise TEPAHTEH serves the people in their process of healing by bringing them back to balance and harmony. He believes we can all go back to our best optimal health and wellbeing when we take holistic and integrative approach to medicine. TEPAHTEH strongly agrees with a philosophy of Nahuatlakas, who do not even have the word disease in their native language, instead they use the term - misalignment. This refers to disharmony between body, emotions, mind and spirit as well as an incorrect position of the Core Being in relation to the Universe.
We hope to see you there!