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Women's Spiral : Womb Massage & Sensual Touch

  • Ambrosia Elixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Let's gather in harmony… 

The Womb Massage will help us to liberate tension, energy and stress that sometimes is repressed and wants to be felt with love and awareness. The techniques incorporate teachings from the Guatemalan Maya tradition, Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. We will learn how to intuitively step into our womb connection. 

The sensual touch will help us to explore the movement of the energy from the lower chakras (root, sacro, plexus) to the higher chakras (heart, third eye, crown). Like this our sexual energy stars to have sense beyond pleasure, and it starts to be an inspirational force to cultivate happiness and peace! 

A comfortable retreat from everyday life
A chance to meet new people and get to know ourselves better.
A place to explore and express the creative potential of our womb.
An opportunity to listen or play songs together and to resonate with music instruments.
An adventure to feel your body and dance with the rhythm of your soul.
A space for listening to each other and sharing our experiences

Feel free to come in comfortable clothes, bring food to share & musical instruments. 

Together we can explore these themes:

Self-love and inner balance
The menstrual cycle and its purpose
Conscious sexuality and healthy relationships
Tools and tips for emotional awareness
Breathing techniques for transformative ecstasy
Peaceful communication and conflict resolution
Natural expression and self-confidence



DharAna Maria is an entrepreneur and an artivists (art+activism), who has been sharing for more than 5 years the experience of union in diversity through pilgrimages, retreats, temazcales (sweatlodges), events, music, yoga, dance, workshops, ceremonies & women spirals around the world. 

She was born in Colombia, where she has a Non-profit of Art and Culture. Her connection with the native tribes of Sierra Nevada and ancestral wisdom from the world gives her a particular perspective of life. She also lived as an apprentice with wisdom keepers in Mexico who initiate her in the power of neurolinguistic programing, temazcal, ovary breathing and medicinal plants. Now she is practicing in her life and relationships the teachings of the Muisca people living the new paradigm of the "ancestral future". 

Now she is in USA, supporting transformational communities, projects and gatherings that expand consciousness and ancestral wisdom. She was recently a direct student of Starhawk, with her influence she has been learning and practicing the principles of Social Permaculture. 

"Together we arouse the enthusiasm to spontaneously protect nature and what has been given to us for future generations."

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