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Tobacco, Water & Crystal Ritual

  • Ambrosia Elixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Tobacco Ritual: Hoska ie
(Rape from SuaMox : House of the Sun, Boyaca, Colombia)

Teachings Honoring the guardian spirits of this sacred plant, we go deep into our intentions to manifest from our heart with the sacred tobacco prayer, and learn from the teachings and power of this amazing plant. Sharing personal experiences with the plant, learning how to heal our relationships with it, and remembering the different ancestral ways of working with the tobacco, Come and learn about the power of this plant, and the amazing transformation that can happen in your life when you get to know it and are able to heal your relationship with it’s Spirit.

>>> Water Ritual: CantoalAgua “Singing to the Waters of the World” 
A sound healing ceremony singing the mantra "AAA" projecting love, harmony, and healing from our heart centers to our inner waters, and to the water of the rivers, lakes, and oceans of every territory.

For this particular occasion we have with us the altar of the "Turtle Pilgrimage" :: Waters from different parts of the world that

>>> Crystal Ritual: krystalespiral
"Our path is the spiral, from the center we expand, Our nature is the krystal, carrying ancestral memories in our heart" 

We understand that crystals are elements from the mineral Kingdom that have served humankind for thousands of years. y listening to our elders, we realize that the crystals are being called back to their origin:

Mamo Kunchakala native Kogui from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta told us that the crystals are like the "people that live in a house". The people are the memory of each territory, the crystals are the memory of nature. 

By bringing crystals back to the earth, we are linking and connecting people, different territories and their memories. 
With the guidance of wisdom keepers we are doing this action of reciprocity, that reminds us the vital principle of giving and receiving.

Later Event: September 12