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Women's Spiral - Tobacco Ritual

  • Ambrosia Elixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Women's Spiral -Tobacco Ritual

Let's gather in harmony… 

Based in ancestral traditions, together we create a beautiful space to commune with our feminine gifts and tune into our inner wisdom. 

A comfortable retreat from everyday life
A chance to meet new people and get to know ourselves better.
A place to explore and express the creative potential of our womb.
An opportunity to listen or play songs together and to resonate with music instruments.
An adventure to feel your body and dance with the rhythm of your soul.
A space for listening to each other and sharing our experiences

Feel free to come in comfortable clothes, bring food to share & musical instruments. 

Together we can explore these themes:

Self-love and inner balance
The menstrual cycle and its purpose
Conscious sexuality and healthy relationships
Tools and tips for emotional awareness
Breathing techniques for transformative ecstasy
Peaceful communication and conflict resolution
Natural expression and self confidenceBy practicing ancestral teachings, we can bring harmony to our relations, develop emotional intelligence and self confidence, cultivate awareness, practice psychological honesty. We invite you to dance and sing as an offering, to speak our truth with kindness, and to rejoice in our sensual essence.


About Dharana Maria

I&i am here and now to support people, transformational communities, projects and gatherings that expand consciousness and ancestral wisdom. Together we arouse the enthusiasm to spontaneously protect nature and what has been given to us for future generations.

Since 2013 i start to be a semi-nomad entrepreneur and artivists (art+activism), in the service of GAIA UNION. I have been sharing the experience of union in diversity through pilgrimages, retreats, temazcales (sweatlodges), events, music, yoga, dance, workshops, singing circles & women spirals around the world. Everything i know its because of my family, friends, elders, ancestors and spirit who have been present for me unconditionally. Gratitude to all of our relations. 

Finding the center in the other is the teaching of the muisca people, natives of the land where i was born, Mhuikita, Colombia. 
My prayer is to step into the dynamic balance between action and stillness, silence and expression, accessible and sustainable, personal and communal, tenderness and firmness. 

Some people said that mastery comes with the practice, i would love to practice and share with you! This is our chance!