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Envision/NOHM presents: Conscious Consumption, Exfoliating Ego

  • Ambrosia Elixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Conscious Consumption, Exfoliating the Ego

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(From the Facilitator) In my workshop I explore the energetic and physical properties of the CUP. I do this by taking you on a journey through a brief history of religion, pagan ritual and witchcraft; tying all beliefs together with the sacred chalice, cup, vessel. This is a guided discussion on how we can fill our cup and maintain that flow, as well as what happens when our cups runneth dry. Together we explore daily cup filling moments we can employ to refill it. We then integrate this discussion into the physical by exploring mass consumption and waste diversion in modern day North America, bringing awareness back to the cups we choose to drink out of. My intention is to empower participants to see the value in their cups as not only vehicles for energy, both physical and spiritual, but to understand the significance of the cup as an extension of ourselves. What does your cup look like? What stickers, gems and elements are represented in your version of your cup? Let’s vision that and end single use in the process as a group. 

****Interactive workshop where we will vision and create food for our skin in the using typical food waste from the kitchen and plants from the property.****
$15 admission
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Check out info on the second workshop of the night!
Workshop by Sarah 7-9pm
Patterns and Paradigms in Social Permaculture: Exploring social, bioregional and global patterns of dis-ease and harmony.
Description: From the micro and to the macro-cosm, the universe repeats patterns over and over again. Maximizing the efficient flow of energy, creating diverse backup systems of resilience, we see the universal patterns reflected in our human biological, social, and psycho-spiritual design. In our desire to understand the patterns and sometimes chaotic natural phenomenon of our ancestral bioregions, humans developed what is known as paradigm. Belief systems such as economies, social structures and religion have shaped the world we exist in today. To really understand why we are the way we are in this extractive, non-renewable, exploitive system, we need to look at the bigger picture to understand how we can restructure power dynamics and co-evolve on a planetary scale.
No answers here, only musings of possibilities for a socially just future.

$15 admission
***Ticketing through Eventbrite and at Door.