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I AM the Temple: Ceremonial Womb Journey

  • Ambrosia Elixirs - alternate location 16 Arion Place Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

Aloha Sistars,

You are cordially invited to an evening of intimate womb practices to align our inner temple with unconditional self-love. On December 11th, we hold high intention to clear ancestral trauma and welcome inner peace and prosperity through releasing all that does not serve.

We are also celebrating an incredible heart centered collaboration between Ambrosia Elixirs & Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, introducing our I AM THE TEMPLE Womb Blessings Kit, including: cramps belly rub, womb renewal tincture & herbal yoni steam. We will be serving womb awakening elixirs, cacao and blessing your inner temple with ancestral healing tools and practices - learned from wise teachers from around the world. 

JOIN Marituly Mejia of Ambrosia Elixirs and Sabrina Vedete of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam….
Experience a journey into the deep Feminine Healing Arts and Mysteries of the Womb. 
Activate the Source Energy and Ancestral Wisdom that lives inside your unique Essence. 
Awaken & Empower the Medicine Woman within YOU & experience how to integrate the Magic of the Womb into your every day Existence. 

We bow in service to share what has healed our wounds and awakened our Spirits with you!

Doors Open: Enter, relax into the space, mingle with your sistxrs and be served womb awakening elixirs 
6pm - 6:45pm:
Cacao Roast, Peel & Magical Heart Tea Crafting: Learn the traditional method of roasting & peeling cacao beans to prepare for cacao ceremony and then craft tea to take home with you. Experience the power of intention setting to connect to our individual medicine womxn spirits and utilize magic in our every day lives. Marituly has apprenticed these sacred arts with Womxn’s Cacao Collectives in her journeying through Central and South America. 
6:45pm - 7:30pm:
Learn the feminine healing art of Womb Massage, commonly known as “Mayan Womb Massage” or “Abdominal Massage” with the intention to reveal whether we have a prolapsed/tipped uterus and correct this imbalance ourselves (making natural birth possible). Womb Massage improves blood circulation to our vital feminine and reproductive organs, consequently enhancing fertility and overall health. 
7:40pm - 8:30pm: 
Learn and experience how the incredible healing power of plants works in tune with your physical and energetic body, restoring balance and connection to our inner feminine knowing and primal sensuality. Organic herbal yoni steams restore health, balance and wholeness to our menstrual cycle and feminine organs by bringing healing straight to the source. Benefits include: PMS, regulating missing/late cycles, detox from birth control, fertility, postpartum, menopause, infection (yeast/UTI, viral), cysts/fibroids/PCOS/endometriosis, sexual trauma, abortion, miscarriage, stress/anxiety, surgical adhesion & more.
Forgiveness Meditation to release and let go of toxic emotions and clear the space for our desires to manifest. 
Yoni Egg Crystal Ritual: The yoni egg is a crystal we use inside of ourselves to create dexterity in our vaginal muscles, strengthen our pelvic floor and increase sensitivity and nerve endings for increased pleasure & stronger and more frequent orgasms. We will learn yonicizes and how to practice with our yoni egg crystal, revealing how to build muscles and sensations we didn't even know existed - on top of life changing orgasmic health and healing benefits!
8:30pm - 9pm: 
Womb Songs & Closing: Awaken the goddess, priestess, mermaid, shaman, earth mama within through singing ancestral songs from the voice of our wombs together in sisterhood.

All healing tools available for purchase onsite or choose your entry to our ceremonial womb journey with our tiered pricing:


Includes: entry, elixirs, cacao & rose tea crafting, yoni steam herbs for sistar steam 

Includes: Medixine Womxn, Womb Blessings Kit: Crampy belly rub, womb renewal tincture, herbal yoni steam satchel

Includes: Medixine Womxn, Womb Blessings Kit & Yoni Egg Crystal of your choice (add $15 for nephrite jade)

We have a wide selection of GIA Certified yoni egg crystals for sale onsite ♥ in small, medium, large. Including: nephrite jade, rose quartz, obsidian, amethyst, red jasper, green aventurine, bloodstone. Don’t know which one is for you? We will share their healing qualities at the gathering.

Please Bring: ankle length flowy skirt you can kneel wide legged in (we have ceremonial skirts for purchase onsite as well), yoga mat, medium size heat safe bowl (glass/ceramic), alter items, money for your yoni egg if you do not choose tiered pricing :)

Limited space available in our sacred sanctuary! Contact Ambrosia Elixirs to reserve your spot.

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Later Event: December 12