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Moonlit BAE: The Ancient Future (2-Year BornDay Celebration)

  • Ambrosia Eiixirs 109 Troutman Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States (map)

•○• C R E A T I O N S T O R Y •○•

2 years ago,
BAE was borne.
When she came in to the world,
She was fervent:
Fiery, eager, howling at her own heels,
Itching to undo the corset of a choking system.
A liberated Libra
incensed by the ways in which the scales misaligned.
At first, she came to be out of a deep need:
Her Womanhood was of the upmost importance — 
It hadn’t had space to flower in the communities she frequented (it had been stifled for centuries).
She craved room to be herself,
To share her gifts, her light —
Before Anything Else.
She began to connect with other awakened souls
Who had also tapped into the Feminine channel
And its capacity for unlimited creation.
Their antennas were attuned to the moon,
Her cycles and the way She informed our internal tides.
We received the cosmic transmissions.
A social shift transpired.
As she grew,
She acknowledged the Sun, too.
She recognized the Oneness inherent to her being.
Her Feminine and her Masculine vibrations.
All the elements and their intuitive blessings.
Her place in the family of things.
From this union,
BAE cultivated balance —
Truly safe spaces
to create and to be inspired to create.
To explore the wide range of multidimensionality.
We cultivated nourishment:
The restorative spirits of herbs and plants that fed our organic whole chemistry.
We cultivated sisterhood, brotherhood,
The Collective saw in itself the impulse to h e a l,
And to be healed.
We used the sacred technologies:
Music, art, movement, and the gifts of Mother Earth herself,
To mend all of the parts of ourselves.
And we used the sweet stickiness of those medicines
To restore the fragments of our society
Through consciously-curated spaces
And intentional collaborations.
BAE is now beyond nightlife — 
It is evolving every time it emerges,
Redefining how we consume art and
Re-articulating our role inside of it.
The Collective’s work is to shine the m o o n l i g h t wherever we go,
To reconstitute the scattered stardust we are,
To prioritize whatever it is that enlivens the soul —
To BE,
Before Anything Else.

On Friday, October 19, precisely two years after its birth, we celebrate the spirit of The Collective BAE.

In collaboration with Brooklyn’s herbal apothecary oasis, our home and our family, Ambrosia Elixirs, we envision our ANCIENT FUTURE, revealing emergent roles within our collaborative sharing economy ripe for abundance, and showcasing just some of our community’s most embodied talent.

•○• Come to get LIT •○• 

6 - 7 PM: Happier Hour Elixir Lounge
7 - 830 PM: BASSyoga
9 - 10 PM: Heart-Opening Ceremony x Cacao Lab
10 PM - 3 AM: CREATION, to be experienced ♥

Earlier Event: October 18
Discover the Language of Your Body
Later Event: October 20
Weekend Oasis Garden Brunch at Ambrosia